By Way Of A Ray of Sunlight

Posted on October 16, 2012 in Norahs Poetry

By Way of a Ray of Sunlight“, book of poetry self published by Norahs is the motivation for her latest spoken word contribution on CD. Her passionate and romantic style of poetry originated in love letters she wrote in the mid 80s. After marriage and divorce, life’s journey led Norahs to recognize that her poetic expressions have a profound purpose.

Norahs’ gift of expression has blossomed into a growing collection of poetry and short stories, self published and released in volumes, “Diary of Written Expressions” 1991, “Captious Love” 1992, “Obstacles” 1994, “Approach If You Dare” 1995 and “By Way of A Ray of Sunlight” 1997.

By Way of a Ray of Sunlight (Digital Download)